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Beyond Big Data: AI and Machine Learning Summit

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending the Beyond Big Data: AI and Machine Learning Summit, hosted by the Pittsburgh Technology Council. As a Customer Engagement Specialist, I found attending the conference to be incredibly enriching in expanding my network of professionals in the data field as well as gaining a better understanding of current issues and challenges in data.

In the morning session, I heard from Sundeep Tangirala and Dr. Richard Clarke, who discussed leading trends and goals in analytics and data science, a main commonality being the need for democratization. I found this to be incredibly interesting as one of our missions here at 1486 Labs is to generate equity in the external data-buying market. It was invigorating and validating to hear that this is a prevalent issue that needs to be addressed in the field. Additionally, I heard from multiple professionals from Google during the morning breakout session focusing on the integration of Machine Learning in the work environment. Interesting approaches to organizational development, such as the star structure, and mitigating the high cost of ML were the main topics of discussion that piqued my interest.

After a short networking break and technological showcase, I heard from a panel discussing the automation of business. The speakers discussed the utilization of Big Data, AI, and ML to enhance daily operations and customer service. This was incredibly interesting to learn about as it gives solid grounds for the work that we do at 1486 Labs. Enabling the wide-spread use of data for businesses will optimize their operations and service strategies, enhancing profitability in the long run.

I feel incredibly privileged to have had the opportunity to attend the Beyond Big Data Summit as it provided me with incredible insights into the current state of the ecosystem that 1486 Labs resides in.

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