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Signals – they’re everywhere

Earlier this fall, Alexis Tshudy – a prior student of mine 😊 and the Manager of Data Curation at Liaison (a leading edge EdTech Company) – gave me a wonderful book, Signals by Jeff Desjardins. Jeff is a visual capitalist – a person who “helps make complex information easier to understand. They use data-driven visualizations to keep millions of people around the world ahead of the curve”.

I am super-psyched about this book (published in 2022) because it visualizes “27 trends that are defining the future of the global economy”. Yes – the global economy is incredibly important. However, this book is chock full of examples of how data can help us understand the world’s biggest problems such as climate pressures, water crises, wealth inequality, etc. You love data, data visualization, and storytelling? If so, this book is for you.

One of 1486 Lab’s objectives is to illuminate how data can be used to understand and be part of the solution set for the world’s most wicked problems. In 2023 you will start to hear about this part of our vision, and we look forward to hearing your perspectives on the topic. Let’s start now – where do you see data and analytics having a direct impact on problems that we need to solve to improve our world?

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