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Where is the best repository of use cases?

In teaching business applications of advanced analytics for the past eight years at the University of Pittsburgh, I have become a collector of great use cases. They’re easy to find on common topics (fraud detection, predictive maintenance, propensity scores, etc.) In addition to my own research, I look to the International Institute for Analytics, Bill Franks blogs, Tom Davenport books and talks, etc.

However, I have been looking for the one-stop shop of data and analytics use cases. I was delighted when Data Juice hit the electronic bookshelf. Doug Laney’s book that summarizes “100 real-world examples and expert commentaries on how organizations around the world and in every industry are monetizing their own (and others’) data in diverse ways."

As we know, data and advanced analytics are the catalyst to transformation and out-performance; however, the granularity of the value proposition – by industry, use case, and the data that drives the performance– is hard to come by. This is no surprise – why would anyone give away information about how they are gaining a competitive advantage. At 1486, we have an objective to draw a bright line from impact of analytics to the variables (with an emphasis on external variables) that drive that performance. Stay tuned to learn more.

So, I have two requests. If you are interested in contributing to our growing research on use cases, please reach out to us via our website and let’s chat. Yes, we plan on publishing our findings! And second, what’s your favorite repository of data and analytics use cases. We’d love to know!

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Doug Laney
Doug Laney
Feb 03, 2023

Many thanks Andy! So glad you found Data Juice to be informative and inspirational! I actually have a repository of about 700 real-world use cases (and growing) of data & analytics in action. We make these available to West Monroe clients during ideation workshops.

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