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Join a New Community for Data Buyers.

Get exclusive access to the best external data and transparent pricing from leading sellers along with the resources you need to be successful—so you can buy with confidence. 

Meet and learn from other data professionals

Use insights to make better buying decisions 

Match to sellers by use case, industry, and more

There's a lot at stake- for the company and you- every time you buy external data.

Choose wrong, and you'll waste massive amounts of money and time on data that is poor quality or unethically sourced. Even worse, you can't use it. 

If you're like most data professionals, you want to be seen as the go-to expert in your company. In order for that to happen, you need to know the data you're buying is the best quality, is from an ethical source, and is priced right. 

The problem is, you can't easily find the best data—let alone know it will bring your company enough value to grow the bottom line and make it worth the investment.

What if you could connect with other like-minded data professionals, share your knowledge and expertise, and get back insights you can use to make better buying decisions? 

What if you could be matched with leading sellers based on use case and industry and know you're getting the best data for the right price? 

Malcolm Hawker

“Focusing on 3rd party data is a no brainer; there is a ton of demand. 1486 is in the right place as there is a dearth of research on 3rd party data.”

Introducing Blue Street Data,

A community for people who purchase and manage external data.
After leading successful data-driven companies and consulting with countless clients, our founder saw firsthand how difficult it is for most businesses to buy quality data they can actually use. 
That's why we're launching Blue Street Data as the first venture for 1486 Labs, to enable an efficient marketplace for buying and selling data.
When you're part of a community of buyers with access to the best data and transparent pricing from leading sellers—and you have the resources you need to be successful—you can buy data with confidence and use it to fuel growth, drive innovation, and achieve competitive advantage.

You should join Blue Street Data if...

Blue Street Data (22).png

You are or want to become a thought leader in your industry.

You have valuable insights to share based on your experience as a buyer and/or manager of external data.

You're eager to learn from other top leaders in your field.

You want exclusive access to the best data and to leading sellers who offer transparent pricing. 

How to become a founding member and start buying data with confidence.

Step 1. Join the community.

Fill out a brief form letting us know who you are (industry, role, etc.) and what you need. Once a member of Blue Street Data, you'll create a profile to quickly and easily match with other data buyers based on use case and find your ideal seller.

Step 2. Find your people.

Whether you're looking to define use cases and explore our buyer-focused resources based on your problem, function, or need; meet and learn from other data professionals; or get right to solution and buy from a reputable seller, Blue Street Data is the community for you.

Step 3. Unlock the power of your data.

Now that you have access to the best data and the information you need to use it, you can unlock its power for growth and profitability. At the same time, you'll be helping to design a more efficient marketplace, leading to a new data economy in which all organizations can easily find, buy, and use data to solve problems and create opportunities.
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What People Are Saying About
Blue Street Data.

Malcolm Hawker

"Focusing on 3rd party data is a no brainer; there is a ton of demand.  1486 is in the right place as there is an absence of research on 3rd party data." 

Jordan Cardonick

“With an efficient data marketplace, the friction from legal review, privacy, and security reviews would be resolved– nothing to stop you from switching your vendor.”  
Blue Street Data (22).png

Who Should Join Blue Street Data?

Data Buyers
Data Managers
Data Executives
Blue Street Data (22).png

What You Will Get As a Founding Member. 

When You Join

Every Month

When You're a Member

Access to other members

Access to use cases

Access to sellers

Email containing the latest updates and thought leadership content 

Exclusive early access to new product releases

Meet 1486 Labs.

IMG_1198 (1).jpg
1486 Labs is an entrepreneurial lab that is working with Pitt Business to launch new businesses based on the intersection of data and analytics.  

Led by executive director
Andy Hannah, our first venture, Blue Street Data, is focused on the creation of a digital community for professionals who purchase and manage external data.

This data is critical fuel for advanced analytics—a technology that is disrupting industries and propelling the growth of digital-native companies.
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